Axiom Exploration’s team of diverse Geoscientists employs a combined 100+ years of experience in providing geological expertise. Our Geoscientists are equipped with the latest industry knowledge and tools to provide our clients with the most reliable and accurate data possible.

Our teams have successfully overseen exploration and development projects involving:

- The evaluation of potential properties
- The design, implementation & management of exploration programs
- Significant new resource discovery
- Resource modelling & delineation
- Pre-feasibility and environmental permitting
- Evaluation of program results
- Environmental assessment & remediation

From the initial design, operation and management of grass-roots exploration programs to the optimization of advanced projects, Axiom can confidently complete all your company’s requirements to the highest of standards.


- Exploration program design & management
- Contract geologists, project managers & geological technicians
- Drill target generation & design
- Surficial/subsurface geological mapping
- Core logging & sampling
- Procurement, drill contracting & service provider management
- Prospecting, field sampling & claim staking
- Remote sensing & geophysical analysis
- Portable XRF geochemical analysis


- Assessment reports & filings
- NI 43-101 compliant reporting
- Land assessments/evaluations
- Data compilation/conversion/interpretation
- Database management & data validation
- Historical data verification & analysis
- Policy & procedure generation/implementation


-3D lithological/structural/geochemical/mineralization model creation
- Resource modelling, estimation & classification
- Geostatistical analyses
- Production reconciliation
- NI 43-101, SAMREC and JORC compliant
- Vulcan and leapfrog modelling software

geological field services

Our team of professionals prides themselves on their ability to design, operate, manage and optimize highly successful exploration programs focused on any commodity. Our team has been involved with projects spanning all North America focusing on Diamonds, Ag, Au, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, U, PGEs and REEs.


Axiom has an experienced team of Geoscientists that can accurately provide any level of report generation or data compilation. Including: historical data compilation and interpretation; assessment and technical reporting; and, the development and implementation of policy and procedures, Axiom's specialized team has your needs covered.


Accurate structural and lithological models are often integral to successful drill-hole target generation, mine development and mineralization emplacement definition. Axiom’s team uses advanced geostatistical methods and software combined with their collective geological understanding to ensure the accuracy of their resource models and estimations.

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