Energy services

Axiom Energy Services specializes in providing focused and dependable geological supervision of diverse drilling activities across the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. Our teams have successfully consulted on projects across a wide variety of geological formations spanning from northern British Columbia to southern Manitoba.

Our committed and professional teams have the experience to provide supervision with all types of project needs including, but not limited to: wildcat exploration; tightly spaced infill drilling; specialized under-balanced producers and drilling in highly over-pressured areas; stratigraphic coring programs; SAGD projects; and, all manner of vertical, deviated, and horizontal well designs.

From wellsite consulting to formation evaluations, Axiom can facilitate all of your project’s needs while maintaining the highest of health and safety, quality control and compliance standards.



- Consistent communication & liaison between clients & on site personnel
- Vertical & Horizontal striplogs with viewable data for clients
- Drill cutting sample collection, analysis & lithological description
- LWD/MWD & gas detector data analysis
- Professionally prepared end of well documentation
- Clear & concise reports for clients
- Detailed core logging


- Formation Evaluations
- GIS & database management
- Property reviews
- Land assessment


- Drill program design
- Rig & services coordination
- Drilling logistics & planning
- Lease construction & maintenance


Our geological wellsite consultants have supervised coring projects for some of Saskatchewan’s most reputable potash producers and engineering companies. From small multi-well exploration programs to one of Saskatchewan’s largest mine expansions, Axiom has been a part of it all. Our tailor made operating procedures ensure proper core recovery and detailed logging which are second to none.


Axiom has been involved with multiple helium exploration programs throughout Saskatchewan. Our experience within the WCSB has provided us with the tools to develop comprehensive exploration models for our clients. From program planning to operational execution, Axiom has worked hand in hand with our clients and the government to help develop new assets in southern Saskatchewan.

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